Oil City Community Alliance Church
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Pursuing Jesus Christ, building His kingdom, and proclaiming His offer of freedom, healing, and life!

Young Adults

 If you are transitioning out of high school, in   college, or simply a young adult who is looking   to be around other young adults, then we   want to invite you to meet with others who are   just like you, through our Life Group meetings.   Here you will find people who want to live a   life that is pleasing to God, in the world of "I   don't know how, but I'm trying to figure it out."
We welcome you to explore and to have questions, and to wrestle with the things that we learn from God's Word, the Bible. We know there are hard things to be worked through, we want to provide a safe environment that will allow you to work through your own personal life with God.
The young adult LIFE Group usually meets every other Thursday - please check the calendar for more information. 
 "MOSAIC" is a new opportunity for young adults (18-30) in   the Oil City, Cranberry and Seneca areas to come together   for spiritual growth, fellowship and fun. This new group will   meet in the Seneca EC Church's rec hall one Friday evening   each month, from 7-9 PM. 
 Please check our calendar for dates!
Come join us as we "Cultivate Community in Christ."